Main projects

Gang Garrison 2 - Multiplayer platformer shooter.
Major contributor and, ad rem, designer.

Benetnasch - Handmade 2D game engine.

Mixer Faucet - Correctly-functioning lightweight positional audio library for games. Supports opus.
Accepting patches.


OpenMW - Implemented "rest until healed".

Higan - Helped make WASAPI driver work properly.

Spark Reader - Recursive deconjugator. Upcoming kuromoji integration.

Mini Projects

basically more interesting than the main projects!

unnamed japanese text analyzer - Makes a word frequency list from japanese text. Uses kuromoji.
Accepting patches.

Single-header FFT library - Only implements DIT-2, powers of 2 input block sizes. Complex 1d inputs.

ffam - Spritesheet conversion tool for GRUB2's graphical font format.

MiniNNU - Mini (code-wise) neural network upscaler. Demonstrates training and upscaling. "Recursive".