Main projects

Gang Garrison 2 - Multiplayer platforming shooter.
Major contributor and, ad rem, designer.

Gammakit and Magmakit - Handmade programming language and proof-of-concept "game engine".
Writeup here.

Nazeka - Mouseover J-E dictionary. Rikai clone. Replacement for Rikai forks and Yomichan.


OpenMW - Contributor, bug finder. Rewrote the 3d movement solver, awaiting inclusion.

Higan - Helped make WASAPI driver work properly.

ioquake3 - Identified input lag bugs and GL2 rendering bugs, sketched patches for the former.

Mini Projects

basically more interesting than the main projects!

unnamed japanese text analyzer - Makes a word frequency list from japanese text. Uses kuromoji. Superseded by the VN Stats tools.
Currently being replaced by a complete NIH rust applicatino.

ffam - Spritesheet conversion tool for GRUB2's graphical font format.

Audio Library Rosetta Stone - Example code for multiple platform audio libraries. Highly incomplete by design.